Top 8 Kids Party Themes in 2019

Top 8 Kids Party Themes in 2019

Birthdays are truly the most exciting time of the year for every child. This is the day when they get to have many presents, fun and surprises. Probably a surprising guest at their party would be also something they would look forward to? But who should this guest be? The child’s favourite comics superhero or  princess, or perhaps a clown or a magician? These are just a couple of the many themes you could choose for your kids party! In this article I will go in detail and let you know the Top 8 Kids Party Themes in 2019!

Superhero Party

This is probably the most popular theme for boy’s birthday parties. The Favourite Superhero is something that the little ones are really passionate about. They most often wish to be strong and powerful like Superman or wear the same costume and fight just like Batman does. So if your son is trying to throw webs around your living room do not hesitate and book A Spiderman Entertainer for his birthday. Just note that sometimes the kids tend to be afraid from their own favourite superheroes. They might love them in the comics but when they get to see them for real often get scared. So it’s very important to choose an experienced Children’s Entertainer that can easily tackle these situations.

Princess Party

This is the most popular theme for girl’s birthday parties. Every little girl dreams about meeting her favourite princess and giving her a cuddle on her birthday. You have to bear in mind though that due to their beautiful dresses princesses sometimes are not able to take part in the birthday games. Therefore if you are looking for a party full of action, games and dancing this might not be the right choice for you. Princesses though are great to be booked for a short appearance – for cuddles, photos and storytelling.

Pirate Party

Pirate Themed Parties are popular among both girls and boys. This is the type of party where the kids will not be scared from the entertainer as there is no mask on his/her face. I can say that you won’t make a mistake if you book a Pirate Entertainer because kids are always curious to turn their imagination on and dive into the adventurous world of being a pirate.

Clown Party

Funily enough clowns are not outdated. At least not when it comes to children. For them clowns are always very interesting with their funny outfit, makeup, silly jokes, great magic skills and fantastic clown pranks. So if you ever wonder whether this is an appropriate theme for a kids party or not – the answer is – yes it is! It depends on the entertainer’s skills and talent. But in most cases your children will be on about the silly clown for days, if not for weeks after the party! So if you want a really memorable and funny kids party choose a Clown Themed Party!

Magic Show

If you google Kids Magician London you will come across hundreds of options and different styles of Children’s Magicians. Why? Because this is extremely popular way of celebrating a kids birthday. Magic is captivating not only for the kids but also for all of the guests at your event. This is an option appropriate for both boys and girls but preferably for kids between 4 and 10 years of age.

Sports Party

Sport is something that many kids are really passionate about. Especially football! If your child is one of them go ahead and hire a football field and a Sports Entertainer. This will make their birthday party unforgettable!

Bubble Show

This is an amazing option to keep the kids entertained and in the mean time involve them in the bubble show activities. This is an absolute winner theme  for kids of any age. All of them will enjoy running after the huge and small bubbles and pop them. This is a great choice if you plan to have your party in your garden or local park.

Disco Party

Is your child a good dancer? If you are shy to show your talents before your friends and family, don’t think that your child is shy too. Kids are always eager to prove how great they are! So why not give them this opportunity by booking A Disco Themed Party!

These are the Top 8 Kids Party Themes in 2019! If you have any questions or need a Great Entertainer for your Kids Party – do not hesitate to contact me at or visit my website !

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