How To Celebrate a Kids’ Birthday Online

How To Celebrate a Kids’ Birthday Online

How Coronavirus Affects Our Lives

The world is facing one of the greatest challenges for a generation. Coronavirus is a global threat to public health, the world economy and affects our lives in an unprecedented way – elderly and vulnerable people are self-isolating, adults are required to work from home or stop working at all and children no longer go to school. These significant changes to our daily lives are important and we should do our best to stay safe and go through this together. These changes, however, may also bring many difficulties and inconveniences with them.

How To Keep Children Engaged and Entertained

While being at home can be a great opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones, there might also be some inconveniences. For example, trying to work from home and keeping your children engaged in the meantime might be a bit challenging. That’s why Rico Kids is now launching several services to give parents and carers as much relief as possible. We believe it is our mission not only to entertain children on their birthdays but also to keep them engaged and happy throughout these moments of isolation. Playing with friends and running outdoors is great for children’s development but as this is now not possible, Rico Kids is introducing an amazing Interactive Online Party.

How To Celebrate A Children’s Birthday

Many of you probably had to rearrange and even cancel your children’s birthday celebrations due to the coronavirus outbreak. We understand that this might be frustrating for you but it may be especially disappointing for your kids. As public gatherings are now not recommended the only option left is to have your celebration online via Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. But how exactly to organise it? We at Rico Kids have the right solution for you – Interactive Online Kids Party!

How it works?

You simply have to book your virtual kids entertainer and make sure you request invitations to be sent to all of your children’s friends and classmates. This way, despite the lockdown, everyone can enjoy and share a birthday celebration with their loved ones! Once your booking has been confirmed, your online party entertainer will schedule the party in Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or another online meeting platform. Then invites will be sent to all of your guests.

Here is the tricky part – if you want to make sure your kids’ party is a real success you have to take into account the tips below!

1. Make sure that all of the participants in the online party have downloaded the needed software(Zoom, Skype, etc) registered and are ready to party at least 5 minutes before the start of the event!

2. When children are excited they might get a bit loud (probably most of you have already noticed that :D). That’s why sometimes your entertainer might have to mute the participants in order to be able to perform and be heard by everyone else. However, this is not the best option – it is always much better when there is online interaction and everyone is having fun together! Therefore during an online kids’ birthday party, it is essential to avoid excessive noise.

What to expect from an online kids’ birthday party?

As you can imagine playing active games, running around and organising other fun activities might be a challenge during an online party. This is why when you book a virtual kids entertainer you can expect him/her to do limited things like a Magic Show, Puppet Show, Online Interactions, Music & Dancing Games, etc. Even with few activities on the list, the online kids’ party entertainment will most likely turn your event into a real success!

Why an online kids party is a great way to celebrate your children’s birthday?

The online entertainment is amazing for three simple reasons:

  1. It is specially designed for you, your family and most importantly – your child!
  2.  You can make your children’s dream come true by having their favourite superhero or princess entertaining them online for their birthday! You can also choose a magician, clown, pirate or any other character!
  3. You get the amazing opportunity to celebrate your children’s birthday from the comfort of your home – without the hassle and the stress of organising a big event!

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