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Nowadays buying a product, or a service online seems like a piece of cake. You just google what you need, then choose, and click buy. It is simple like that. It is also simple to learn how to hire a children’s entertainer in London. But you have to consider these 10 steps below!


Choose a party theme

This is the first thing you have to figure out when planning your kids’ party. The easiest way to do this is by finding out what your child really wants. Because this is what the whole event is all about – making your little ones happy! Your child might want a superhero, or a  princess, or a pirate. Or perhaps would like to have a clown, or a magician hosting their party. The rest of the steps are made according to the party theme – so make sure you choose the right one! 😉 

Choose a party date & time

This is a quite important step of the party planning as well. For instance, you wouldn’t like to organise the party on a weekday. This is because most of your guests won’t be able to turn up due to work commitments. If the adults don’t come – this, unfortunately, means that their children won’t come as well. And believe it or not – it wouldn’t be much of a kids’ party without any kids!

Choose a party venue

You may be thinking that the best place to have your kids party is in your own living room. And you might be right if you have a really big one! However, as professional entertainers with years of experience, we would advise you to consider hiring a church hall, village hall, community centre hall, restaurant, or even a football field. You just have to find the right venue for your event and number of guests. When choosing the venue bear in mind that the kids will need plenty of space to un, and play the party games.

Choose a children's entertainer

It’s important to do this right after you have secured a venue as children’s entertainers often get booked 2-3 months upfront. And you definitely don’t want to miss the best entertainer for your party, do you? But how to hire a children’s entertainer in London? You either get a recommendation, or you simply google it. All you have to do is to go onto the entertainers’ website, find the service you need, check the reviews about the company and have a look at their gallery. There you can see how their entertainers’ costumes look like. We would recommend you to choose always someone with a Public Liability Insurance and DBS checked. The last one is not required by law. However, it is always handy to know that the person you are hiring to interact with your kids is trustworthy.

Prepare the decorations

Although you have now hired an entertainer this doesn’t mean that the party planning ends here. You still have to consider decorating the venue you have booked. Needless to say – it has to be decorated in the theme you have initially chosen. For this task, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can either make the decorations yourself or buy them. Having someone do the job for you is a great idea but will add some cost to the event. 

Order the party food

A traditional kids birthday party runs for around two hours, and halfway through is lunchtime. Are you ready for this? It is entirely up to you whether you want to prepare the food yourself, or order takeaway. In both cases just make sure there is plenty of food, and drinks for both adults, and children.

Order the birthday cake

There is no kids’ birthday party without a birthday cake with the traditional candle blowing, and Hip Hip Hooray at the end! It is really satisfying to prepare the cake yourself, and listen to all your guests’ compliments on how well you have done. Of course, this is only in case you know how to make a cake. If you don’t feel confident don’t hesitate to order one.

Invite the guests

Handing out the invitations is a vital part for the success of your party. Imagine that no one turns up at your kids’ party. Or instead of 30 guests, you get to have only 15. To avoid any disappointment make sure your invitations are not only beautifully made but also well informative.

Have fun!

This might seem to you quite obvious but it is worth mentioning. Most parents assume that the children’s entertainer will arrive there and make the party happen. This is true if the entertainer is a good one. However, if the adults don’t genuinely have fun don’t expect the children to start jumping, and dancing. Kids usually need to follow someone’s example, and most of the time this someone is their parents. So the advice from us is – Mummies & Daddies don’t be shy! Have fun, and teach your children how to have fun and enjoy their time!

This is all you need to know about how to hire a children’s entertainer in London! If you have any questions or need a professional entertainer for your kids’ party do not hesitate to contact us at

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