Clown with balloons staring in the camera. What does a children's entertainer do?

A children’s entertainer – it sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? Yes, the name says it all. This is a person whose job is to entertain children at birthday parties, christenings, weddings, Halloween, Christmas, or Easter Parties. However, some people get confused when it comes to what actually a children’s entertainer is supposed to be doing, and what is not. In this article, you will find out a bit more about the role of a kids entertainer at a children’s party. 

A children's entertainer does

Interact with the little guests at your party

He/she is responsible to make sure all of the little ones enjoy their time and have fun. The kids’ entertainer’s job is to try to involve all of the children and keep them engaged throughout the whole event. A good children’s entertainer should also make sure that the event runs smoothly, and stress-free for both guests and organisers.

Perform a show

This can be magic, bubble, puppet, a comedy show, etc. There are many types of shows that can be performed at a kids’ party. This is something that may be included in your package, or you have to pay for it additionally. Having a show at your event is always a great idea. No matter the age of the guests everyone enjoys watching a skillful magician or super funny comedian.

Organise games and activities

It’s the children’s entertainer’s task to engage the children by playing games, dancing, making competitions, and storytelling. You can be sure that the entertainer at your party is doing a good job if at least 70% of the children are interested in the activities he organises.

Give prizes and certificates

While playing games might be fun, winning prizes is absolutely brilliant! Everyone wants to feel special, and children need this more than anyone else. That’s why many entertainers would choose to give out prizes, or certificates at the end of each game to reward the winners. The prizes might be sweets like lollipops or little toys like soft toys for instance.

A children's entertainer does not

Babysit the children

Many people get the impression that after hiring an entertainer they can rely on him/her to babysit the children while the adults are having a drink in another room. However, this is clearly not the case. The children have to be supervised by at least one adult throughout the party as the entertainer does not accept responsibility for the care and supervision of minors.

Decorate the venue

It may seem funny that this is even being mentioned in this article. However many parents misunderstand when an entertainer is arriving 30 minutes before the event. Some parents would assume that he/she has arrived earlier to help with decorating the venue. The entertainer has his own tasks like setting up his props and portable stereo. The entertainer should also change and hideaway before the children arrive. Then once all of the guests are present – the clown, magician, or pirate can make his entrance!

Entertain the adults

Even though some entertainers might be so talented that their show or games are entertaining even for the adults this does not automatically mean that they are obliged to do this. Sometimes when booked to entertain children at a wedding the clients expect the entertainer to be stage performing for both kids, and adults. As previously mentioned you might be able to add this to your package but usually, it’s not initially included.

In a few words

As mentioned in the beginning of this article the role of the children’s entertainer is to perform for the amusement of the children by organising games, performing magic, balloon modelling, etc. However, when you hire an entertainer it’s always best to know that you can not expect the party to happen itself. The mood and success of the party depend on everyone – especially the adults. If the adults enjoy and have fun – the children will follow their example and do the same. If the adults dance and sing at the party – the children will most likely do the same. 

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